Installing ImageMagick on WHM / CPanel

January 11th, 2014

Installing ImageMagick on a WHM server is far easier than people think:
Just SSH into the box and run the following command:


Installation will take a couple minutes as it will install other packages needed by ImageMagick. After the installation, check that it is installed again and it should state the version.

/usr/bin/convert –version

Now for the PHP Extension

The PHP extension is also required for PHP to interface with the ImageMagick software you just installed.

Go to WHM -> Software -> Module Installers -> PHP Pecl (manage). On the box below “Install a PHP Pecl” enter “imagick” and click “Install Now” button – that’s all. Restart Apache.

If you decide to uninstall it’s as easy as the installation process:
ImageMagick: /scripts/cleanimagemagick
Imagick: WHM -> Software -> Module Installers -> PHP Pecl (manage). Click on Uninstall button for Imagick

CHECKING WHERE ImageMagick is located:
from ssh use
whereis convert
should give you the directory