PHP Developer

May 17th, 2012

Mark Hudson

Hi, my name is Mark Hudson and I am a PHP Developer and consultant.

My work as a PHP Developer has been varied and I have written commercial database driven websites for clients complete with shopping carts, WordPress themes, and bulk email scripts for sending newsletters.

I really enjoy designing websites and providing solutions to problems and can help with a wide variety of Website management issues.

  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Professional Website Design
  • Bespoke Website Solutions
  • WordPress Themes
  • HTML and CSS

Recently, I have been Integrating Intelligent Retail’s Web Service into a bespoke PHP website as well as working with a client to integrate their bespoke site with Amazon Checkout,  added my latest version PHP Booking Slots Calendar (screenshot below) and finished my PHP Currency Conversion script.

PHP Free Booking Slots Calendar

I maintain this website to promote myself as a PHP Developer and to show some of the more interesting projects I have worked on.  Please feel free to contact me for more information about me or my services.

Latest Testimonials

Karen Munro  (Munro Careers)

“I needed to re-brand my business and create a new website to represent my services. Mark spent a great deal of time listening to my requirements and gave me a range of creative ideas and solutions to bring my thoughts in to reality. He was able to analyse my business needs and took on board my budget, preferred style and audience. Mark is extremely personable and he pitched everything at a level I could easily understand, explaining technical information in a simple and engaging language. He worked with me and engaged me in all his plans and processes to create exactly what I had envisaged. I was delighted with the end product and it exceeded my initial expectations. I have already recommended Mark’s web designing to colleagues.”

Jilly Glenny  (New & Nearly)

“I needed help quickly in getting a website established. I had wasted hours trying to get my old site into a marketable state, I also ended up wasting money every time I needed to make a change. From the minute Mark was recommended to me he listened and made sure he understood my requirements and timescale. The turnaround was super fast and accurate. I now have a site that I am proud to use as a key marketing tool. Thank you.”

Nikki Martin  (Harefield Bookkeeping)

“Since Mark made by new site, I have picked up a lot of new business. The new site allows me to really sell my services and I am really pleased with it.”

Sam Gregory  (Dawkes Music)

“Mark has an open mind to development with a willingness to find the correct solution to meet the brief. Always a pleasure to work with.”